1 April 2020

Completion of Karl August

The new building was completed in the first quarter and the first tenants can move into their flats at the end of March.

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24 June 2019

Wohngemeinschaft in Villa Sonnenberg

Villa Sparrenberg AG bezieht die Villa Sonnenberg im Sommer 2019.

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1 June 2019

Mietwohnungen im Projekt KARL AUGUST

Ab April 2020 stehen 55 Mietwohnungen im Neubauprojekt KARL AUGUST zur Miete zur Verfügung.

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7 June 2018

Landvilla Sonnenberg

Ab Herbst 2018 steht die Villa auf dem Gutshof Sonnenberg zur Miete zur Verfügung.

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1 March 2018

Baustart Karl August

Anfangs Januar haben die Arbeiten für das Projekt KARL AUGUST begonnen.

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20 December 2017

Completion Hertensteinstrasse Lucerne

Die Sanierung der Wohnungen und des Treppenhauses an der Hertensteinstrasse ist per 1.12.2017 abgeschlossen.

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28 September 2017

Restoration of Hertensteinstrasse 64, Lucerne

The apartments of Hertensteinstrasse 64 have so far been left almost entirely in the original state and are now being renovated substantially.

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1 June 2017

Completion of Hard Turm Park site A1

The last stage of Hardturm Park was completed in spring / summer 2017. The area comprises four buildings with buildings of different architecture.

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1 July 2016

Restoration Förrlibuckstrasse 193-215

The nearly 100-year-old settlement at Förrlibuckstrasse has been renovated in close collaboration with the monument protection service.

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10 June 2014

Art and the Hard Turm Park

In 2012 the up-and-coming district of Zurich West had the honour of playing venue to Zurich’s Art and the City exhibition. As a grand finale to the city’s summer of art, of which the exhibition was a part, Hardturm AG sponsored the Art and the City prize, the winners of which were picked by an independent jury. The prizewinning work is now being displayed to the public in Hard Turm Park as part of the Art and the Hard Turm Park project.

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1 June 2013

Design-contest in Zürich West

Franca Sozzani to style an apartment at the Hard Turm Park and the Design-Contest for young designers.

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16 September 2011

Wild West - Zürich West

In addition to Swiss Prime Tower and Mobimo Tower, the residential high-rise of Gmür Gschwentner Architekten now also towers in the Hard Turm Park.

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6 September 2004

400 new apartments for Zürich West

According to the urban design concept of Hardturm AG, residential and commercial buildings are to be built on the Hardturm site in Zurich West. They offer space for business premises, service companies and between 400 and 500 apartments for around 1'100 inhabitants.

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